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Hong Kong Guide – Local Attractions of Ah Shan Hostel

There are so much to see, eat, drink, experience in Mong Kok, the heart of Kowloon, and Ah Shan Hostel is conveniently located to explore Hong Kong and Fun.

Hong Kong

The main tourist attractions of Hong Kong include Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, the Avenue of Stars, Temple Street Night Market, Po Lin Monastery and the Giant Buddha, Tai O Fishing Village and Lantau Island .

Victoria Peak
Hong Kong's most popular attraction, The Peak offers spectacular views over the city, harbour and mountains beyond. For an extra buzz, take the Peak Tram. How to go ?
From MongKok MTR Station to Central station, make your way to the J2 exit and walk up to the ground level. Turn right, through Chater Garden, cross Queen's Road Central, and make your way up Garden Road. You will pass the Bank of China Tower and Citibank Plaza on your left and St John's Cathedral on your right.
Victoria Harbour
Take the iconic Star Ferry to enjoy stunning views around the harbour, and don’t miss the nightly A Symphony of Lights show featuring harbour-front buildings.
Giant Buddha
Lantau Island features an outdoor seated Giant bronze Buddha, along with the Po Lin Monastery and Ngong Ping Piazza, Tai O village on stilts, Ngong Ping 360 and Hong Kong Disneyland.
Wong Tin Sin Temple
Wong Tai Sin Temple is located in Kowloon, reflecting the splendour of traditional Chinese architecture and revealing the intrinsic beauty of Chinese culture.
How to go ?
From Monk Kong MTR Station , take Green Ling to Wong Tin Sin Station. Exit Exit B2 or B3.
Jumbo Kingdom
Jumbo Kingdom is a world-famous floating restaurant, an internationally renowned tourist attraction and a must place to visit in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Lamma Island
You can find here an easy to follow virtual guide to your Hong Kong Lamma Island journey. One of the most scenic spot and HK's well-known seafood place. Here's how to get there.
Hong Kong Ocean Park
Hong Kong Ocean Park. A complete full day family entertainment, educational and conservation amusement park in Hong Kong.
It is possible to spend an entire day here if you aim to take in all the park's stunning features and numerous recreation activities.
How to go?
Take MTR to Ocean park , ( Mong Kok station to Admiralty Station ), Go up from Exit B, transfer 629 bus to Ocean Park. The Citybus Route 629 runs daily from Admiralty MTR Station or Central Pier No. 7. The bus fares are $10.6 for adults and $5.3 for children (aged 4-11).
Hong Kong Disneyland
one of the greatest Hong Kong tourist attractions, offering a perfect full day entertainment for the whole family.
How to go?
Take MTR to Disneyland Resort Station
(change trains at Lai King Station and
Sunny Bay Station).,
Fare: HKD 18
NongPing 360
A stunning 7.5 kilometers cable car ride between Tung Chung Town Centre and Ngong Ping, Lantau Island and here's how to get there.
How to go?
Take MTR to Tung Ching Station. (change trains at Lai King Station) and walk through Exit B to Ngong Ping 360 Terminal.
The Stanley Military Cemetery and Murray House
The Stanley Military Cemetery is a uniquely peaceful place to visit. Originally the final resting ground for the UK Garrison, the cemetery had been closed for 70 years until 1941 when it was re-opened after Hong Kong was attacked during World War II.
Take MTR From Mong Kok Station to Central Station. Get out from Exit A to Trade Square. Take Bus No. 6, 6A, 6X or 260 to Stanley, walk pass St. Steven's Beach to the Cemetery.

Mong Kok and nearby

Ladies Market
One of the most popular shopping street markets in Hong Kong, Ladies' Market is a must-visit destination for fashion lovers with an eye for bargain-priced clothing, bags, accessories, toys, cosmetics and household knick-knacks. The stalls making up this enjoyable market can be found on Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok. It is open from noon until 11:30pm.
How to go ,
Jus opposite of Ah Shan Hostel
Temple Street
Hong Kong's most famous open-air market opens at 2:00 pm but really comes to life at dusk, with a bustling array of stalls selling everything from watches and leather ware to clothing and souvenirs. Other attractions include fortune-tellers and occasionally, Cantonese opera singers. Temple Street is in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon.
How to go ,
MTR subway to Jordan Station (Exit C2), then walk about 2 min. (30 min)
Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
This charming Chinese-style garden is the favoured gathering place of Hong Kong's songbird owners, who carry their beloved pets around in intricately carved cages. All manner of beautiful birds can be seen here, as well as a selection of traditional bird-keeping paraphernalia. Located on Yuen Po Street in Mong Kok, the garden contains some 70 songbird stalls as well as interesting courtyards and moon gates. It's open from 7am to 8pm.
Enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds, but please avoid direct contact with the birds
How to go , walk about 15 min. toward Prince Edward Direction.
Flower Market
One of Hong Kong's most colourful street markets, the Flower Market is a jungle of exotic blossoms, luck-bringing houseplants and sweet scents to be found in more than 50 shops. It's fun to walk around the market admiring the huge variety of flowers and plants for sale. Before Chinese New Year, families flock to the market to buy auspicious plants to celebrate the most important festival on the Lunar calendar. You'll find this botanical treat on Flower Market Road*, Mong Kok. It is open from 7am to 7pm.
How to go ,
walk about 15 min. toward Prince Edward Direction.
Goldfish Market
Aquariums bring luck and natural beauty to many living rooms in Hong Kong. This specialist market is the preferred source for goldfish and other exotic fish of every shape and hue, as well as aquariums, corals and aquatic ornaments. Head for Tung Choi Street North Section* in Mong Kok. It is open from 10:30am to 10pm.
How to go ,
walk about 15 min. toward Prince Edward Direction.
Lamgham Place
Langham Place is a really nice place for hanging out and shopping as they got lots of shops and have varies choices.
How to go ,
walk about 5 min. walk along Argyle St.
Sai Yeung Choi Street
One of Hong Kong's most popular street markets, All Street mainly sells a lot of Electronic goods.
Sportswear Market
One of Hong Kong's most popular street markets, All Street mainly sells Sportswear.